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Why cant I just do a cleanse from the store?


Did you know parasites release these ⬇️ when you start attacking them?

▪️ heavy metals

▪️ neurotoxins

▪️ mineral deposits like iron, copper, zinc

▪️ sugars

▪️ proteins

▪️ viruses

▪️ fats

▪️ ammonia

All the things they have been collecting from you and their "fecal matter"
will release in one big swoop if you just hit them without preparation.

🤯 Is your body ready for that?!! 😬

My 3 month Parasite Removal Program will:

  • prepare your body for the proper removal of unwanted travellers

  • introduce your body to varied cycles of proper removal therapies

  • use natural methods to aid in the toxins being removed from the body

  • support the body during this purge and reset

With my customized and closely guided program,

you will be able to escort parasites out of the body with ease


👉 This program will give you:

  • pre-support and pre-strengthening of​​

  • Liver

  • Kidneys

  • Gut Biome

  • Lymphatic System​
    Your body will be ready and able to do the work!


  • introduction of multi system and cycle removal therapies

  • capsules of dry herbs, spices, and oils

  • tinctures of herbs and spices

  • teas of florals, herbs, and spices

  • use natural binding agents to support the removal
    of what the dead parasites leave behind

  • using nature's elements to assist in helping your body
    remove the parasites and their toxic release

  1. You will not only receive the necessary tools for your journey, but weekly one on one support
    via a 30 min zoom call for a total of 12 sessions (including the initial call) and 24/7 text/email/phone
    support for sudden questions or concerns.

  2. A shared PDF to track your daily journey will be used for you to document the process, as well as understand where we are in the process. Each weeks milestones will be powerful and progressive.

  3. As a free gift, you will also be given a session with "The Electric Shaman" from San Diego California
    who will do an Etheric Body Scan and remove any parasites that are in your Auric field and DNA codes. This is an optional service you may receive, knowing that not everyone is open to this type of service.
    This is valued at $165.00 USD.

Your program agenda looks like this:

  • Week 1 & 2 LEVEL 1 - Elimination Support and Biome Restoration Protocols

    • Liver Cleanse Routine
      Kidney Support for increased toxin elimination and filtration
      Lymphatic Cleanse and Strengthening
      Gut Biome Healing and Support


  • Week 3 & 4 LEVEL 2Remove & Repair

    • An introduction to the body to start the removal process using herbal tinctures
      daily while continuing Level ONE protocols

    • Quantum DNA access with "The Electric Shaman" session to further remove and repair
      the Etheric Body from parasitic activity


  • Week 5 & 6 LEVEL 3 - The Big Hit

    • This is when we hit the unwanted travellers hard with a protocol of capsules filled with herbs, spices, and binders to start escorting the bulk of their die off out of your body

    • We continue to use the Level ONE protocols as the body needs all the support it can get while removing
      the large load of toxins the parasites have been holding and produce


  • Week 7 LEVEL 4 - The Second Wave

    • A strategic and carefully planned assault on the parasites hiding places using a protocol involving
      castor oil that has been altered in its state to ensure no undue distress to your body; only the swift flushing
      out of parasites hiding behind sphincters and in pockets within the bowels​
    • Further continuance of Level ONE protocols
  • Week 8 & 9 LEVEL 5 - Recovery and Reset
    • This is a time for resting the body from the excellent work it has done before having to do one more cycle to capture any eggs laid that were not removed in the first weeks. Parasites have 2&3 week egg cycles; we will
      be working on a 3 week egg cycle as most of the parasites human encounter lay on this timetable.
    • You will drink a tea daily comprised of varied flowers, herbs, and spices to keep the body supported with alkalization, probiotics, anti-parasite, and gut biome support 
    • We will continue the Level ONE protocol to keep the body furthering its stability and anchoring in good
      health and rejuvenation

  • Week 10 & 11 LEVEL 6 - The Last Stand
    • This is the last cycle for the cleanse; the 3 week mark from the beginning of "The Big Hit"
    • This is a second dose of the capsules filled with herbs and spices as described in week 5&6​
    • Continued Level ONE protocol
  • Week 12 LEVEL 7 - Loose Ends
    • As we close this program for you, we look at ways to continue keeping parasites away from you
      with simple daily preventative measures, and make a plan for any further health needs to address
      as you continue on a path of whole self wellness​

Payment Plans


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