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Frequently Asked

This type of cleanse is not traditional nor common in the Western World; which is such a shame as parasite activity contributes to body dis-ease, mental disturbances, hormone imbalances and so much more. Researchers have even begun to make connections between cancers and M.S as examples; to parasite overload in the body.

INGREDIENTS used throughout the protocol:

  • clove

  • star anise

  • cinnamon

  • oregano

  • sweet basil

  • holy basil

  • heal all

  • fennel

  • dandelion root

  • ginger

  • wormwood

  • black walnut hulls

  • chlorella or activated charcoal

this list does not include the custom created tea that is sent with your package, suited to your tastes and preferences.

be sure you are not allergic to any of these items, or that they are not in conflict with any of your pharmaceutical medications. Always consult with your doctor before beginning any new regiment for your body.

Is this program nut free?

This program can be created and customized to include or remove the black walnut hulls used in the protocol to remove the parasites. So YES, it can be nut free!


Can I do this program while continuing my daily routine?

YES you can! You may feel an odd experience here and there of looser stools or a little skin itching at times, but your day to day routine won't be disrupted in grand degree.


What kind of "side effects" will I experience?

You will likely have a clearer mind, increased energy and stamina, and speedier healing in the body. During the cleanse, you might have extra bowel movements, increased urine output, or skin outbreaks. This is why its so important to continue the Level ONE protocol through the entire process, so that your elimination and processing systems can do their job effectively and efficiently.


Why can't I do a simple one week cleanse?

Quick cleanses are very hard on the body and will bring you a load of physical difficulty that will feel worse than knowing there are parasites inside. Your skin, liver, kidneys


Is this cleanse safe if I have diabetes?

Just like with any introduction of a new protocol or element to your body, always consult with your personal health care provider to be sure it is best for you.


What kind of detox symptoms can I expect?

Not everyone experiences detox symptoms, but to prepare you for what may arise, here is a list of things your body may experience for a short duration of time as the body removes what does not belong:

*Looser and more frequent bowel movements

*Chills and/or nausea

*Runny or stuffy nose

*Headache, Irritability, Fatigue

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