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My Journey Here

The journey to today from yesterday; it has not been conventional.

Born into a Christian home and religious belief system, I walked through many years of seeing the world through a particular way of energy, healing, and connecting to Spirit.

I began to leave the concept of religion in 2013 after experiencing so much control and hypocrisy that was continually unchecked, and ventured beyond the barriers of religion in the grand Universe of knowing we are all One and everything is One. I began to deconstruct my faith and discovered that there was a beautiful and larger world available where my abilities could be used beyond the cage religion formed me within.

Today I practice with many skills gained through earthy certifications and training, yet the experience gained from a timeline of suffering, hopeful endeavours, and practical applications, have further elevated my empathic and nurturing heart to those in my care.

Studies and experience from my timeline include:

  • Pastoral Leadership and Studies

  • Hypnosis Certification from The Electric Shaman in San Diego

  • Certification in Child and Family Counselling from Dr. Mervin Strome in Alberta Canada

  • Emotion Code Certification from Dr. Bradley Nelson in the USA

  • Chakra Clearing and Structuring Certification from Shaman Christof Melchizedek of New Zealand

  • CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Certification

  • Herbs, Potions and Elixir Creation through historical lineage and wildcraft study

  • 5 years Human Design Training and Experience

  • Astrology Certifications with Debra Silverman, Psychology Masters Degree

  • Narcissism Behaviour and NPD Field of Studies

  • Opioid Training Response Certification

Adventures and Activations

  • I have created, organized, and been a speaker for Women's Empowerment Conferences in multiple provinces in Canada from 2013-2017

  • I published my first in print book in 2018; The Resting Traveller, Into The Forest, with other books and media have followed including e-books, inspirational Oracle cards, and digital products and podcasts

  • I create medicinal tinctures, teas, salves, potions, oils, and other holistic solutions that assist the body in becoming more of it's whole self

  • I created the House Of Rae Academy of Alchemy, a place of education for skillsets aligning to the 4 bodies; physical, emotional, etheric, and mental

  • I practice as a Quantum Alchemist with my Connect Me Coaching; an in depth monthly program to align the self away from pain, trauma, stress, and dis-ease. I only take 2 clients a month, walking intensely with them as a guide to connect their 4 bodies in harmony, and release them from the past timelines that restrict them from a powerful present and future

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