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What are you suffering from??

Why do you have
➡️ physical pain and distress?

➡️ mental stress?

➡️ emotional dis-ease?

➡️ spiritual disconnection?

My immersive program each month will:

  • connect the dots of your past to the suffering of your present

  • lead you towards healing and freedom for your future

  • release you from the present unhealthy patterns and loops

With my customized and closely guided program,

you will begin to see where the origin point is to your dis-ease.


👉 Some of the things my clients come to me for:

  • parasite removal 🪱

  • feeling stuck and powerless 😩

  • feeling disconnected in their bodies 🔌

  • emotional distress 😭

  • general personal development 🏹

  1. Where and when did your physical body begin to react to the pain of the mind and heart?
    Did you pick up a parasite? Did you have an altercation at work? Did your parent speak something that your ears heard that you've carried as a belief about life?

  2. Where did the emotions begin to arise from the trauma of the spirit?
    What did you feel in a past moment that led you to feel what you do today?

  3. How did you start to compensate for your pain?
    What have you been doing to compensate for the stress and discomfort?

Each month looks like this:

  • 4 weeks, 2 sessions per week, to understand and decode:

    • key moments in your timeline from childhood to present physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally

    • generational connections, family history, energy leaks, relationship patterns

    • illness, allergies, seasonal energy loops, parasites, skin, organs, body systems

    • financial/job patterns and struggles

    • past life, preconception energy, and epigenetic information

    • how each of your 4 bodies are coping with the core, life altering situations you've faced

    • each session is 1-1.5 hours in length, with one on one contact with me, Stacie Rae
      emergency calls and texts, daily contact, and custom packages sent to you


  • ​​We will lay out the dots and make the connections to understand:

    • How the physical body is relating to this world now through diet, illness, allergies, and more

    • How the mental body and how it is coping with stress and memories

    • How the emotional body and where it's holding the energy.

    • How the etheric/spiritual body, and where it's not receiving connection to Source.

  • You will have daily contact, homework, and routines that create lasting change of all the body systems.
    Body, Mind, Spirit, Emotions.

  • You will have texts/emails to check in on you daily, and homework that is created specific to your routines and needs within the 4 bodies. No cookie cutter experiences here.

  • Body: Cleansing priority systems to help eliminate toxins while also removing travellers that have been using you as a host while stabilizing the core elimination systems of the body so that the vessel housing your spirit can better serve you here in this timeline.

  • Mind: Clear negative beliefs and poor habitual speech patterns.

  • Spirit: Addressing soul contracts, karmic cycles, and creating boundaries and new portals for clean energy.

  • Emotions: Releasing trapped emotions from traumatic situations you've experienced and downloading new life codes

  • You will have 24/7 access to me via text/email, with 2 emergency calls/videos at 30 minutes each to provide further support if you are struggling within your day

  • A PDF workbook to follow along the process and document your findings, breakthroughs, and questions to self

  • A session with "The Electric Shaman" will be booked for you during the 2nd week of the program to clear the chakras, re-program the DNA, and further decode and relieve your 4 bodies. This is a zoom session, based out of San Diego California. This is a 40 minute session valued at $165.00 USD.

  • Access to my online workshop, "Assisting The Chakras With Herbal Alchemy" through the
    House Of Rae-Academy Of Alchemy


  • You will be mailed to the address of your choosing, a Custom Wellness Gift loaded with specialized items to assist and empower you during this transformational month. This is valued at 200.00, and custom created by me; Stacie Rae, for you.


This intensive package will give you opportunity to heal childhood traumas, unravel the seemingly endless cycles to close them out for good, and begin to LIVE FREE and CONNECT to the Divine within. This is Quantum Alchemy. This is the modality I have created.

This program is not for those who are not ready to do the work. It is designed to be fully customized to your shadows, your light, your soul contract, and as an aid to empower you to be the ONE you are. It is vulnerable and requires great courage. If you think you are ready; its time to get started today. 

This is done via zoom video. After purchasing the package you will be contacted to confirm dates and times with Stacie Rae to start your first day of your free future.

Payment Plans


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