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The Last Letter

Surviving A Narcissistic Relationship


THE LAST LETTER is a hands-on, practical healing journey for anyone who has been in a Narcissistic romantic relationship or is ready to leave one.

Stacie Rae brings the reader through the emotions felt in the aftermath of the relationship, while educating and offering practical ways to heal and move forward from betrayal trauma, gaslighting, future faking, love bombing, and more.

Each chapter is brilliantly written with a letter “To the Narcissist”. Authentic and vulnerable stories of defeat and victory. Each LETTER is followed by NARC NOTES; the educational piece of the chapter. Narc Notes help the reader understand the psychological and emotional depth of what The Letter has described. The chapter then concludes with a HEALING EPILOGUE—the heart of this book where the reader can dive into their own story and adapt practical tools to assist in their recovery process.


Stacie Rae has masterfully crafted each chapter to include workbook style space, encouraging the reader to have personal reflection and follow the guidance given in the Healing Epilogue. You won’t want to let this book out of your hands as it becomes an integral part of the healing journey and an instrument of power as you rebuild your heart’s home and your life’s story. 


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Welcome, My Fellow Survivor. 💜




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