"I cannot heal you.

                But I can show you

how to heal yourself."


You have purpose and you have gifts, yet you may feel stuck or trapped. Perhaps you struggle with depression, anxiety, or feeling lost... did trauma come to visit and stay to live with you? Stacie Rae can walk with you using her method called  "Wellness Alchemy".


Stacie is a Certified Counsellor and Emotion Code Practitioner, using many modalities within her Practice through Wellness Sessions. Covid Related Trauma Support and Vaccine Energetic Clearing, Chakra Balancing, Herbal Therapies, a Healing Apothecary, and even Human Design. She also teaches and offers Spiritual Services to those ready to look deeper into the unseen.


"Stacie Rae is so kind and nurturing. I instantly felt safe and able to unpack my "stuff". You will be served well in life to know her and be touched by her gentle and lovable heart."   ~Wellness Client

"Be you, live true."


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