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It's all about CONNECTION.
I make connections within your

4 bodies, to find starting points of

pain, dis-ease, trauma—and then guide you

to the end of suffering.

Take my immersive program to find yourself achieving your goals, releasing the past, and closing the cycle of suffering.

Some of the things my clients come to me for:

  • parasite removal 🪱

  • feeling stuck and powerless 😩

  • feeling disconnected in their bodies 🔌

  • emotional distress 😭

  • general personal development 🏹

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  • Stacie Rae The Resting Traveller
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More Ways Stacie Rae Empowers You Through Connection

Brown Tiles
It's about nurturing CONNECTION. Being able to heal and learn at the same time; to understand where the points of origin are that started the dis-ease, and create a safe container to heal so you can become empowered and free.

This is my passion. To educate and empower through Divine healing connections.

This is done through what I call, Quantum Alchemy. Learning to heal the body through Emotion Code Energy Release, Stepping into the mind with light hypnosis, Herbalism for the physical body, Chakra structuring and healing, and traditional counselling... the key is understand what you need and decode the way forward to creating it.

I'm a teacher at heart, and I want you to know that even as I help to guide you; I am going to teach you to see yourself and use your own Divine abilities. Are you ready?
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