Stacie Rae is a Wellness Motivator who uses her intuitive gifts and spirituality to lead others to find their true self. Her life theme is healing and nurturing souls, aligning them to their own true selves.

Combining the use of Intuitive Human Design Readings, Personal Coaching and Wellness Sessions, with natural compliments of crystals, essential oils, and other holistic forms, she is a true motivator of wellness.
She is described as vulnerable and transparent in all that she does; a true role model living out her purpose here with this thing we call, the human experience.


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In case you missed it! Stacie Rae was interviewed on Mind Shift Podcast by Dr. Clint Heacock! 

Mind Shift Part 1: Finding Rest - Dr. Clint Heacock of the Pastors Corner
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MindShift Part 2 - Resting - Dr. Clint Heacock and the Preacher's Forum
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