"I cannot heal you.

                But I can show you

how to heal yourself."


You have purpose and you have gifts, yet you may feel stuck or trapped. You have reached a plateau or maybe you know there is more but you just can't access it. Perhaps you struggle with depression, anxiety, or feeling lost. Stacie Rae can walk with you using her method called

"Wellness Alchemy". Using Ancient, Holistic, and Intuitive methods that release trapped emotions, past traumas, and identify and remove negative beliefs, this is the power of Wellness Alchemy and it is completely unique to your story.

Wellness Alchemy is transmutation; it is altering that which is currently dull or dark into something filled with light and life. It is Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Alignment. Stacie Rae's goal is to SHOW YOU WHO YOU ARE and teach you how to heal yourself while aligning all the parts of yourself to function together. 

Stacie is a Certified Counsellor and Emotion Code Practitioner. She uses many modalities within her Practice including spiritual direction through Wellness Sessions, Energy Healing, Human Design, Divine Oracle Cards, Vitamin Therapy, and a Healing Apothecary. She also teaches and offers others techniques in her sessions such as EFT, Dream Interpretation, and other methods to encourage whole self wellness.


"Stacie Rae is so kind and nurturing. I instantly felt safe and able to unpack my "stuff". You will be served well in life to know her and be touched by her gentle and lovable heart."   ~Wellness Client

"Be you, live true."


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