"I cannot heal you.

                But I can show you

how to heal yourself."

You have purpose, you have gifts. You are a magnificent piece of artistry. Stacie Rae has helped many Travellers, Leaders, Teachers, Artists, Witches, Energy Workers, and Healers, find their true selves and begin to operate in their destiny. She uses holistic, ancient, and intuitive methods that are unique to each heart she encounters—your Wellness Alchemy is completely unique.

Her method is to light a match to your already existing fuel within; to ALCHEMIZE your whole self. She illuminates the room with a spark of love and lights the place on fire using her intuitive and healing abilities. Her goal is to SHOW YOU WHO YOU ARE and teach you how to heal yourself.

Stacie is certified in Family and Children Counselling and uses an Alchemy of modalities within her life Wellness Practice. Life Coaching, Counselling, Dietary/Vitamin Aid, alongside of Herbal/Holistic Remedies, Human Design, Crystals, Oracle Cards, and a Healing Apothecary. She also teaches and offers others techniques such as EFT, Dream Interpretation, Energy Healing, and other methods to encourage whole self wellness.


"Stacie Rae is down to earth, thoughtful, and inspiring. You will be served well in life to know her and be touched by her gentle and lovable heart."
~Wellness Client

"Be you, live true."

© 2021 Stacie Rae - The Resting Traveller