Stacie Rae Wellness Alchemy

If you are feeling stuck and are looking for direction, a Wellness Session is a great place to begin.

Wellness Alchemy

Feeling stuck, anxiety, or maybe depression? Trauma, abuse, current emotional distress? This is where Wellness Alchemy can help you align to wholeness and empower you.

You are unique and your needs are not the same as someone else. Stacie Rae is known for her intuitive work in creating personalized Alchemy; the transformation of dark to light—pain to peace. Alchemy is designed as a level of care that is nurturing and balanced with straight to the heart approach.


During a Wellness Session there is exploration of whatever path you choose; where your body, mind, and subconscious allow. Intuitively following your lead, we use many modalities to restore balance to your whole self. As a certified counsellor, Stacie Rae can lead you through the times of distress and also aid you with holistic and ancient methods and remedies.

Counselling, Emotion Code (Emotional Energy Release), and Human Design are a few of the tools that can be used during a session. Yet the sky is the limit as negative beliefs can be cleared from the subconscious, dream interpretation can be completed, or simply the act of walking you through the steps of grief with tools for being present and healing the heart.


Everything is at your pace and according to what your body is ready to accept and work through. The goal is to teach you how to listen to your own intuitive being and unveil your true self by helping you to establish you own confident connection within.

Stacie Rae Wellness Alchemy

We allow your subconscious mind to speak out intuitively where to begin healing and direct our efforts towards unveiling your power and truths.