Wellness Alchemy

You are unique and your needs are not the same as the person next to you. Stacie Rae is known for her intuitive work, creating personalized Alchemy; "healing" Alchemy, designed specifically for YOUR physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental needs and requirements.

She uses an Alchemy of Human Design, Crystals, Oracle Cards, A Healing Apothecary, and basic life skills such as dietary adjustments, vitamin therapy, and many more alternative wellness approaches such as EFT, Dream Interpretation, Energy Healing, and other methods to encourage whole self wellness. Her goal is to teach you how to listen to your own intuitive being and unveil your true self.


"I am not able to heal you—but I can teach you how to heal yourself. I can show you who you are and unveil not only your purpose,
but your true self". ~

A 60 or 90 minute session begins the process of determining what kind of healing path you should take. The tools, techniques, and wellness approach will then be created for you and with you. Each healing path is unique to each client.

Your time with her is all about healing your WHOLE self and bring you towards your truths in rest—learning to trust your intuitive being. It's an ALCHEMY of Wellness.


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