Spiritual Services

Connection of the whole self is not just connecting body and mind. It is also becoming attune to the SPIRIT within. It is learning to find and listen to our built in intuition and living according to our unique self and purpose.

Spirituality is unique and can not be boxed in to a set program or service and changes depending even on gender and childhood experiences. There are many spiritual modalities that can lead us towards understanding our purpose, creating peace within, and even healing our bodies. Stacie Rae uses a wide variety of tools and caters to many faiths, beliefs, religions, and personal comfort zones to help her clients access REST.

Emotion Code Energy Release

Your subconscious is 95% of your intelligence. Accessing this information and bringing it to the conscious awareness, allows us to clear negative beliefs and trapped negative emotions that hinder you from moving forward, healing, and from experiencing comfort in your body.

Your subconscious is aware of every action, encounter, experience, and memory you've ever had. This includes the good and the difficult.


And when you've experienced difficult emotions in life that haven't passed through you but instead became lodged IN those encounters, memories, experiences... your body begins to show the discomfort of this. Your subconscious is signalling through your body that it needs relief.

Emotion code can bring that relief. 


Human Design Reading

Human Design is a powerful tool that allows us to see who we came to be and what tools we have access to for the journey. It also allows us to see what we are here to LEARN.

A logical system using Quantum Physics, I'Ching, Tree Of Life, Astrology and more, Human Design is inspiring and intensely propelling towards understanding self.


Travel In The Ether

You have access to multiple places in time and dimension. Imagine having ability to even call upon the Guides and Council who are contracted to support you on your journey! Ether/Astral Travel with the help of Stacie Rae, can bring rest and confidence to the journey you are on.

Inside the Ether you can ask for wisdom, see loved ones departed, break soul ties, create sacred ceremonies, and much more that can help you find purpose, heal wounds, and move forward on the path.


Frequency Balancing

Inside of our body we have multiple points of energy which resonate different frequencies. They work in harmony to keep the whole self in balance. Commonly called "Chakras" these energetic points are located in precise areas of the body coordinating with physical organs.

When one of them is not functioning at its proper frequency, we experience discomfort in the body and our whole self tries to adjust to the new OUT OF TUNE frequency in order to survive and cope.

Learning to balance the body takes practice but can be done by identifying the struggles of the mind, emotional distresses, negative beliefs and more. It is then that we can use techniques to heal the wounds and call the body back to its normal resonance of health and well being.


Oracle Card Readings

Just as we gather wisdom from Ancient Holy Scriptures, Prophets, Guides, Shamans, and Seers, Oracle Cards can be used as a conduit to the Divine Creator and the Spirit. They are a tool for us to use for the purpose of understanding the path we walk.

Oracle Cards bring inspiration and LIGHT, giving new perspective on situations; they do not tell the future. This is not a psychic reading.


Sacral Sound Healing

This is a life changing class and technique. Learning to use your OWN vocal abilities to align your natural resonance frequency.

The sounds that resonate from the Sacral are meant to heal the entire body. You do not need fancy frequency sound bowls or playlists to attune to healing. You can create this WITH your own body.

Intuition, practice, and trust in your Divine abilities is all that is required. Classes are available upon request.