Before we learn HOW an Emotion Code Session is done, perhaps it would be a good idea

to learn more ABOUT Emotion Code.

This video is from the founder Dr. Bradley Nelson, where he shares a small overview of how your body relates to Quantum Energy Fields and what role Emotions play.

The Body Tells Us

Now that you have an understanding of our bodies and how emotions can bring wellness or discomfort, we can talk about the process of

an Emotion Code Session with Stacie Rae.

We will be using your physical body as the messenger for your subconscious.

Your subconscious mind is 95% of your intelligence; it knows everything about you and what experiences you have had that have brought you to today.

It can remember each moment and tell us what emotions have been

trapped by these experiences by giving signals to the body for us to hear.

If you had a car accident and were now struggling to feel safe in a car, we would ask your subconscious to show us if there are emotions trapped in the body from the incident. We use MUSCLE TESTING for this,

the science of Applied Kinesiology.

The Process

We go through a systematic chart and ask your subconscious mind about a particular ailment or situation. The subconscious mind will then speak through the nerves and muscles to show us which emotion is trapped in the body as we go through the chart. This can be done in person or even remotely. Stacie Rae works with people all over the world!

Once we have determined what trapped emotion your body is feeling, we release it using the understanding of your natural meridian flow, just as the Ancient Chinese explored. This is where Acupuncture comes from; the science of energetic flow within. 

All of these steps are completely non invasive and require nothing more than a willing participant, intention, and a desire to be well. We let the body run the show and lead us towards release for removal of dis-ease.