The Big "C" Trauma

Covid has become a word that each one of us sees through a different lens. "The Big C" has brought trauma and pain and is impacting daily lives through financial loss, suicides, increase rate of mental illnesses and distresses, and loss of life on many other fronts.

Health care practitioners, patients, grieving loves ones... we are all carrying trauma and fear from the "The Big C"

and its affect on our lives in multiple and varying ways.

Stacie Rae offers specialized support to those in need of emotional, spiritual, and physical aiding care from covid related distresses. The following is a generalized yet not inclusive list of accommodations she offers:

**Emotion Code for Health care practitioners who have lost their jobs or have memories of intense suffering patients

**Herbal Alchemy for aiding the body physically for prophylactic approach as well as

intense cleaning protocols of toxins

**Grief Counselling for those who have lost loved ones through the wide array of impact from covid

**Counselling for depression and anxiety as well as other generalized mental illnesses

that are leading to loss of work, social function, addictions, and suicidal tendency.

You are not alone.

You are supported.

You are safe.

You are important.

You are valuable.

You are here for purpose.