Human Design is aligning to yourself and YOUR life purpose

Have you ever wished you came with a manual at birth or wondered what your purpose is? Or asked yourself why you are here on earth? What if you could take a look at a piece of information that helped explain why you feel the way you do, or why you continually experience life as you do?

Human Design is a way to see what tools you came to this timeline with, and a way to see the struggles and shadows you face. Its all about ALIGNMENT to who you are designed to be instead of trying to fight against yourself and your natural abilities and tendencies. If you have been told you are lazy, as an example, you will try harder and harder to be what is expected of you. You will push beyond your abilities and try to prove your value. But, what if you WEREN'T LAZY, and instead were not designed to work and labour the same way others around you are?? I can show you how to align to YOUR unique life. I can show you who you are.

In this 60 or 90 minute video one on one personalized reading, you will begin to see a clear understanding of yourself and ways to walk forward empowered towards your purpose. With tools for decision making, and seeing trouble spots to watch out for, you can walk away with solid tools for living your best self and interacting with the world. Unveiling our true self and our purpose is a key element to enjoying a fulfilled life. Human Design enlightens you to your unique self and gives you tools and a map for how to see yourself and use your individual tools and abilities.

To create the chart for me to read, you will need to provide your DATE of birth, CITY of birth, and TIME of birth. So please have that information ready. Also, please schedule 1 week minimum away from current date as it takes time for me to explore your chart and create the reading.