Counselling or An Emotion Code Session?


"So how do you know what you need, what you want?

That is a common question I get when someone contacts me. Sometimes you know that you want the more traditional "talk therapy" of counselling, that allows for reflection, questions, feedback, and even homework between sessions. Yet other times you don't want to talk about anything; you just want some traction and to work on the "discomfort" you feel. That is when Emotion Code becomes an excellent choice with its design being that no sharing by the client is even necessary. We simply have a starting point and let your subconscious do the rest.


And other times we feel like we need it all. This is why I created "Wellness Alchemy", because we don't always know what we need in the moment, and sometimes a little bit of it all is the perfect balance to begin with. Wellness Alchemy is the transformation of pain to peace using a variety of tools and "ingredients".

So if you desire to just begin sharing and perhaps getting some basic tools to walk away with, then basic counselling is probably best for you to start with. But if you are feeling physical, mental, or emotional upheaval and discomfort, then likely an Emotion Code Session is the place to start.

And if you feel like you are just in the throws and you want to just explore and have it all; lets book a Wellness Session and see what happens. Let's explore multiple healing modalities based on your comfort level and begin a journey that is deep and wide.

I look forward to walking with you on the journey. You are supported, you are safe."