Who are you behind the veil that covers you and hides your true self? Under the shadows of fear, shame, regret, or unworthiness . . . what do you look like, would you recognize yourself without thick layers of suffering? What about God, what does He look like in your story—is it time to unveil His true image as well?

The Resting Traveller beautifully weaves together a journey of identity that begins with suffering and death, yet becomes healing and life—all while walking within a mystical forest. With transparency as the bedrock of this book, you will find yourself being led by artistic breadcrumbs to the discovery of your own true nature, seeing sorrow not as something to be avoided; but to be handled and used as nourishment for the journey.

The nature of this book is not to hammer a theology within a mold of its own, nor is it written to teach a lesson from a specific belief—there are far too many books within those boxes. Instead, this artistry is designed to be an awakening to the amnesia the heart can fall to—the forgetfulness of one’s true identity.