About Stacie Rae

Learning to see true self and living an authentic and transparent life are the mantras of Stacie Rae—it is her life theme and purpose as a healer and nurturer to inspire others to do the same. If you ever have the pleasure of a heart to heart with her, you will walk away inspired to follow your dreams and accept the beauty that lies within.


As a Wellness Motivator, Author, and Entrepreneur, Stacie is in a constant state of creating. Her interests of exploring the whole self connection have led her to unveil new truths about the beauty of not only humanity, but our connection to each other and this earth. 


Learning to be a single, homeschool mother, and entrepreneur, all while writing as a passion and way to express her journey, has been a difficult, yet rewarding story. She is learning the truth about finding rest amid suffering and struggles. 

She created a company to express her passion of spirit and body; Zovaria Wellness, where the science and metaphysics of Crystals and Water connect. She is building an empire of passion all focused on Whole Self Living, which includes using her intuitive gifts with the Human Design System to bring an entirely new level of empowerment to her clients.

Residing in beautiful British Columbia Canada, Stacie Rae is privileged to explore the many forests and open waters around her, using the natural canvas of the earth as inspiration for the canvas of her many works.

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