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Supernatural abilities are all I have ever known.

I light spiritual fires and magic happens.

I expand light within darkness.

I call out those who feel lost.

I release love frequency in the physical plane.

Yet this has led to great sadness within.

These abilities didn't always feel so special.

I had felt like an outcast since I was small.

I am different—I do not experience the world the same as most.

I am INTENSE in my passion and vulnerability.

The very thing that makes me magical has been my deepest wound.

Today however, I have embraced my mystical abilities.

The light that once felt like pain and death has TRANSFORMED me.

Abilities that I once defined as a curse have now become the source of my LIFE.

I am here to teach the world how to heal.

I have chosen to accept my destiny and divine gifts.

I am, Stacie Rae.

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