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All I've Ever Known,

Is The Magic Of

The Flame...

Supernatural abilities are all I have ever known.

I light spiritual fires and magic happens.

I expand light within darkness.

I call out those who feel lost.

I connect to the Cosmic Womb and release love frequency in the physical plane.

Yet this has led to great sadness within.

The magic of the flame didn't always feel so special.

I have felt like an outcast since I was small.

I am different—I do not experience the world the same as most.

I am INTENSE in my passion and vulnerability.

The very thing that makes me magical has been my deepest wound.

Today however, I have embraced my mystical abilities.

The fire that once felt like pain and death has TRANSFORMED me.

Abilities that I once defined as a curse have now become the source of my LIFE.

I am here to connect, revive, awaken, nourish, and release YOU in this timeline,

because it's time you remember who you are.


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Quantum Healing is beyond the mind,

it is the soul which is tangled in the vessel.

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